Mandarin version of Under the Sea - The Little Mermaid

I can't change the video embed but you can watch the video using this link:
Yeah so.... it was a pretty slow Saturday morning for me. But what the hell, I decided to post this. The person who made this video did a pretty good job with graphics for lyrics, translation etc.

Here is the info from YouTube for the video.

This is a slideshow about the little mermaid, with the mandarin version of the theme song, under the sea. I have also provided an English translation to the Chinese lyrics, so that people who don't speak Mandarin can also enjoy this video. So, everybody sit back and enjoy this video! ^^

Song name: 海洋之心 (Hai Yang Zhi Xin) Literally, Heart of the ocean
Performed by Taiwanese Mandopop singer, Jolin Tsai

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Comment by Thomas Doherty on August 7, 2014 at 4:12am

蔡依林 Jolin Tsai - 海洋之心 Under the Sea


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