How to use zui 最 "most" & "best" in Chinese

Here's a short Mandarin learning video that shows how to use the word 最 zuì to mean "most" something, "the most", best and favorite. Includes sentence examples & different words for practicing such as 最贵 zuì guì most expensive and 最好 zuì hǎo best.

Comment by wood on October 27, 2011 at 9:42pm
grammar is a pain but it really is a source of independency, to create your own sentences. I hate momorizing phrases and sentences. Teach me how to build it! sometime you come across a sentence where you breackdown the sentence to it's components, but there's always  that one character that don't fit,you try to look it up but there is not definite definition for it. Those measure words can be a little tricky.


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