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This is one of the most useful and helpful Chinese lessons when visiting a Mandarin-speaking country! Learn how to order drinks or beverages in Mandarin at a...

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Comment by Thomas Doherty on July 30, 2014 at 10:24pm

Am I the only one who thinks


   sù zuì


when I watch this video ?

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Comment by Thomas Doherty on July 31, 2014 at 12:23am

The discussion of 再一杯 ( zài yībēi ) another cup, made me think about some other “zai” phrases one may hear any time in a bar.

  再一杯        zài yībēi                another cup ( or another glass )
  再一瓶        zài yī píng             another bottle
  再一碗        zài yī wǎn             another bowl
  再一饮料    zài yī yǐnliào        another a drink
  再一菜单    zài yī càidān        another menu
  再一碗汤    zài yī wǎn tāng    another bowl of soup
  另一碗汤    lìng yī wǎn tāng   another bowl of soup
  不再             bù zài                     no more
  再次             zàidù                      once again
  再见             zàijiàn                    see (you) again ( again see )
  再三             zài sān                   again and again ( or another 3 )
  再四             zài sì                       again and again ( or another 4 )
  再好             zài hǎo                   even the best
  一再             yīzài                        again
  烂崽             làn zǎi                    rotten cubs ( unreliable chaps )
  自在             zìzài                        comfortable, free
  报载              bào zài                   newspaper reports
  在逃              zàitáo                     fugitive ( on the run )
  同在              tóng zài                  to be with ( to be in with )


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