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And here I thought US journalists did some ridiculous weather coverage. It looks like these guys & girls take on the typhoon head-on.

Reporter: 记者 jì zhě
News: 新闻 xīn wén
Journalist: 新闻记者 xīn wén jì zhě
Typhoon: 台风 tái fēng
Tsunami: 海啸 hǎi xiào or 津浪 jīn làng
Taiwan: 台湾 Tái wān

Then I looked for wet and came across this rather bizarre vocab, which I guess you could use to describe the young journalist in the video:
乳臭未干 - rǔ xiù wèi gān - smell of mother's milk not yet dried (成语 saw); immature and inexperienced / still wet behind the ears.

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