Good Beginner video to Learn Chinese "I am really proud of you"

The format of this video is good for beginners - has a focus on pronunciation & uses slow pace & repetition to teach the phrase "I am really proud of you" in Mandarin Chinese. 我真的为你感到骄傲
Wǒ zhēn de wèi nǐ gǎndào jiāo'ào

Comment by Jacob Gill on January 7, 2012 at 10:23am

Good practice with a video like this. Two quick things that beginners should take note of.

1) the pinyin for 為 should be written as wèi (instead of the second tone as listed in the complete sentence)

2) 為 has a ton of different usages and two different pronunciations. However, as a quick rule of thumb, if 為 is followed by a noun (as in the sample sentence in the video) it will be pronounced 4th tone.


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