Chinese on the Street - Do you think I'm beautiful?

In this video, our host asks the Chinese people on the street "do you think Chinese food is delicious" and "do you think I'm pretty." It's a cute episode! To...

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Comment by Thomas Doherty on August 31, 2014 at 9:34pm

May I ask , Do you think I'm beautiful?
May I ask , do you think Chinese food is delicious?


Qǐngwèn, nǐ juédé wǒ piàoliang ma?
Qǐngwèn, nǐ rènwéi zhōngguó cài shì hào chī de?

juédé versus rènwéi ?

Typing "think" into the WCC Dictionary and see the numerous Chinese versions of "think":       

"jue de" was featured once on the SMC Daily Chinese Sentence:        

Also we see in video:


  Zhōngguó cài hé zhōngcān?

  Chinese food and Chinese food?   ( Yes two different ways to say Chinese food ! )

And remember that  知道  ( Zhīdào ) means "to know" and should never be used when you really mean "to think" or "to feel" in a sentence you are building.

The web site  NCIKU  gives many examples of using  认为  ( rènwéi )      

and also many examples of using  觉得    ( Juédé )       

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Comment by Thomas Doherty on August 31, 2014 at 10:14pm


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