China Nike 2011 Just Do It Commercial - Use sports - yòng yùn dòng - 用运动

If the video embed above isn't working or you want to watch a version with Mandarin subtitles you can view here on Youtube: Nike 2011 commercial

"Use Sports" 用运动 yòng yùn dòng - Nike put out a pretty cool new commercial. The one you see above is for China and there’s another one with Chinese subtitles that was released in Taiwan you can watch - here. Spot any differences? I can’t tell if there are.

Still it's a pretty interesting commercial.

If you want to watch a Chinese subtitle version you can find it here on youku:
用运动改变一切—耐克“Just Do It”全新广告片
Video via danwashburn on Twitter. Watch on youtube - 2011 Nike China JDI 60sec commercial

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Comment by Brandon on July 27, 2011 at 7:00am

Here are the characters used (from Taiwan youtube version) It's using Traditional characters so 運動 = 运动 = yùn dòng = sports.

用運動 把想要的都贏到
用運動 去打成一片,去突破極限
用運動 活出精彩,交到朋友,讓夜生活更炫,放眼都是兄弟姐妹。
用運動 就算失敗,就算再敗,總會贏
用運動 改變一切。誰都可以,無論你是誰,無論從哪裡來
用運動 因為運動,永遠不會說你不行
用運動 Just Do It.


Here is the Youku Nike Commercial embed.


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