Winning the Fa Piao game - 发票 fā piào

For those of you not in China 中国 zhōng guó, there's this "fun" system introduced where you can win small amounts of money by asking for official (see: tax accountable) receipts from restaurants and the like.


On these receipts, called 发票 fā piào, there's a scratch off area on the top.  99.9% of the time it's just 谢谢您 - xiè xie nín- thanks (formal).


But occassionally you get images like below.  The numbers might look slightly familiar but they use several variants that are used in banking/finance (to lessen fraud).  You can find a full list of finance Chinese characters here on wikipedia: Chinese numerals (to see what you won).

both of the above mean 5 元 yuán /  kuài (人民币 rén mín bì) and...

the left one is 10 yuán and the other is 20.  It's written like 1 10 yuán and 2 10 yuán. (壹拾元 yī shí yuán and 贰拾圆 èr shí yuán)


Boo yah, big money. (6 bucks!)


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