Why Chinese say '大家好' & what 'da jia hao' means

This is a comment for Prasanna Ramaswamy 's post,  But I hope when you begin to learn Chinese, you can learn more about Chinese culture, which is very helpful to learn Chinese, especially helpfull to remeber Chinese characters, so I made ​​this post alone.

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I was very surprised at what you learn Chinese enthusiasm, if I had half your carefully to learn English, I think my English will be very good。 
i'm chinese, as you said, '大家好' means 'Hello everyone", But why we say '大家好', not '小家好‘ or any other words , it's very complex。
‘大’: means big, In China, the 'big' means power, means a lot, means respect (right worship), for example, on the ancient, we called government officials as '大人', and now we call great strength artificial as '大力士'
'家‘:means home, Like all countries people, Chinese people believe that family is the closest person, So if we use '家‘ with other word together, means we told you: we have good relationship.
’好‘: means Good, As you see '好'='女' '子', In ancient times, Every chinese people hope have two child, one boy and one girl, So in chinese, one boy and one girl means Good, very good
So, '大家好’ contains more details then "Hello Everyone", There are Chinese culture, it means: 
1、Hello Everyone 
2、This is the honorific
3、we are very close

Chinese in every word, every font has a specific culture and philosophy of the Chinese way of doing things, I hope you like Chinese.


    感=‘咸’ + ‘心’,'心' means our thanks is from the heart, who knows about '咸':)

Sorry for my poor english , 555.

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Comment by Damien on August 14, 2013 at 10:01am

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