Who are the translators David Hawkes and Henry Bencraft Joly ?

Often when reading about the 18th-century novel by Cao Xueqin usually known as the Dream of the Red Chamber ( Hong Lou Meng ), which is regarded as one of the greatest works of traditional Chinese fiction, I see comments such as " the translation is not as good as the David Hawkes translation " or " not as bad as the translation by Henry Bencraft Joly."  Using Google I immediately found the Wiki page and an Obituary for David Hawkes here:


and here:


But information on Henry Bencraft Joly I found harder to obtain, even though his translation of the Dream of the Red Chamber ( Hong Lou Meng ) is free on Amazon.com here:


On his grandson's Wiki page ( who was a British Desert Rat fighting Rommel in WWII and who has almost the same name Cyril Bencraft Joly ), we see that:

   " Henry Bencraft Joly (1857-1898; his grandfather) was British Vice-Consul in Macao and translator of Ts'ao Chan's Hung Lou Meng: The Dream of the Red Chamber, a Chinese Novel in Two Books.[4] He had three brothers. His only daughter, Vivien, married Hugh David Beddington, son of Keith Lionel Beddington CBE. "  ( The Times, Wednesday, 24 Jun 1964; pg. 14; Issue 56046; col C ).

Cyril Bencraft Joly's Wiki page is here:


In the references there is a link to a free version of the Henry Bencraft Joly translation of The Dream of the Red Chamber 1892-93 here: 


Henry Bencraft Joly along with Edward Bowra 1868-70 and Herbert Allen Giles, other early translators of The Dream of the Red Chamber, were made the subjects of a quantitative ( uses Student t and other Statistics concepts ) translational style study in a chapter by the editing authors in the John Benjamins and GOOGLE book Quantitative Methods in Corpus-Based Translation Studies edited by Men Ji ( University of Tokyo ) and Michael P. Oakes ( University of Sunderland ) entitled " A Corpus Study of Early English Translations of Cao Xueqin's Hongloumeng " here:


You may also see comparisons to Herbert Allen Giles.  Here is his Wiki page:


And finally since there is the well known Wade-Giles Romanization System, Thomas Francis Wade's Wiki page is here:


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