It's Super Single's day in China - 11/11/11

Happy Super / Divine Single's Day everyone! 


It turns out that a non-traditional holiday exists in China every 11/11, basically because the date is comprised entirely of 1's, and it is therefore called single's day.
It puts yet another pressure on "leftover" men & women to find someone & get married.  There are quite a few matchmaking events happening in Shanghai right now - what about where you are?

Photo via ShanghaiDaily

Young singles get their 'game on' just in time for Single's day. Numerical harmony has its benefits.

If you are not familiar with the term "leftover", it means a man over 34 or a woman over 32 who is not yet married & it has a slightly negative connotation.

For a great definition and explanation of 剩女 shèng nǚ  (+ venn diagrams!) read Shanghai shanghaishiok's blog post below:

My Chinese teacher draws Venn diagrams to explain why she is still single


Of course any date that involves so many of the same number implies there will be a rash of marriages also.

What do you think of single's day?  Can anyone add some relevant vocabulary and/or more information on the holiday?  Especially 中国人?


Additional info:
It's 11-11-11: a big day to wed

Single no more for thousands, who plan to tie knot on 11-11-11


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Comment by Matthew Day on November 11, 2011 at 9:35am

11/11 was explained to me by my Chinese teacher in Shenzhen. She said that when a 棍, which means a stick/ branch, is "bald" as in 光头 or 花光了 (spent all of your money), there are no leaves or smaller twigs attached. This represents a 1 (think the bamboo sticks from mahjiang) and so 11月11日 is extra 光棍, which means single/ bachelor, so it is 光棍节!

Did I explain that clearly? lol

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