Here are some example sentences to explain the different uses of simple in Mandarin.
单纯 dānchún                    simple         
          tā zhǐshì gè dānchún de xiǎohái wǒ gāng zài tā fángjiān kāndào sèqíng zázhì
eg: he is a simple child.really? I just found porn magazine in his room
简单 jiǎndān                     simple
         zhè tài jiǎndān le nǐ shì huáiyí wǒde zhìshāng me?

eg: it’s too easy, are you doubting my IQ?


Here is what I saw in the cities during my trip. 5 hours in Héféi (合肥)city (capital of An hui province), I went to a historical park and went to the centre of city (like East Nanjing Road in Shanghai) by bus because I wanted to see the architecture and local people.
Its interesting because I can see that there are so many girls and ladies on the road who are dressing in very light colors (light blue, white). I think the people there are simpler. (I don't know if simple is a good or bad word. Sometimes simple just means not much thinking and other times sometimes simple means warm heart)
This city doesn’t seem well planned, the shops there not big brands and I think this province might not be rich.


Jiu Jiang city is there the Lu Mountains are located. Outside of the train station, I feel that it’s a very clean town. The prices of products are cheap, even in the top of the Lu Mountains. Hotel, water, food, everything there is cheap. eg, a bottle of Nestle (500ml) only costs 1.5 rmb, which usually in famous travel places, the products are more expensive. The town is very green & nice.

I think the Lu Mountains need to add more signboards to show direction. The Mountains are huge but few clear signs. Luckily all the people that I met there, vendors or local people, were really nice and willing to show me directions with very detailed instructions. (I asked directions so many times!)

Here is a useful sentence for you to ask direction in China,
请问, XX 怎么走?(qing 3 wen4, XX zen3 me zou3?) here XX please fill with address

Nan Chang city (the Jiang Xi province capital ), I stayed there for 4 hours and also went to the centre of the city.
I think this city is fashionable but one of the differences to Shanghai that I can see is that people there like the Community Party more. In that place, even in the shopping malls, most songs that are played are old revoluation songs from my parents generation. I think that’s because that city began to start revolution with the old government in Aug 1st , 1927.
This city's economic progress is much better than Hefei in my view, from the building, people's dress and public facilities.

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