China Mobile frequently sends out random text messages to subscribers.  I got this one the other day for a new service to get a second phone number for your one mobile plan.  That way you can give out your phone and if it gets leaked to spammers you can just cancel it but keep your main phone number.


What I thought was interesting was just how bad the Google translate was for this particular message.  Check it out & Chinese below that.  They still have a ways to go for translating Chinese...


Google's translation:

Harassing phone arouses angry, Vice numbers to solve your worries! Shanghai Mobile recommended "free-for-vice No." business, you can not change cell phone, not the case then changing the card has a minor number, main and standby simultaneously two numbers, you are free to choose any number of phone calls and send SMS. Just leave the temporary communications vice number, minor number usually set off, or replaced at any time vice number, you can mask out the harassing phone calls, enjoy leisurely pleasant time! Send "SQFHSYH" to 10086 or log on online business can handle. Details


Original text message:

骚扰电话惹人恼,副号码来解您忧!上海移动推荐 “副号随意换”业务,您可在不换手机、不换卡的情况下再拥有一个副号码,主副两个号码能同时待机,您可随意选择任一号码打电话和发短信。临时通信只需留下副号码,平时设置副号码关机,或随时更换副号码,就能将骚扰电话屏蔽在外,享受悠然惬意时光!发送“SQFHSYH”到10086或登录网上营业厅即可办理。详情点击


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What do you think? Any other good Google translate experiences to share?

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