The Ten most beautiful things on Earth - Translated into Chinese & Pinyin

Decided I've visited long enough, thought I'd do my first blog post!  世界上最美的十件事 - Ten most beautiful things on Earth. 

This list is taken from @ichinesetweets (quite a good person to follow on Twitter for Chinese sentences. Some of them are a bit overly romantic but hey, I wake up in the UK and there are always a few to read through). I've translated them (the best I can!). 


世界上最美的10件事. Shìjiè shàng zuìměi de 10 jiàn shì - The 10 most beautiful things on Earth. 


1.初吻 - Chūwěn - First Kiss


2.看日出- Kàn rì chū - Watching a sunrise


3.与很在乎的那个人牵手;Yǔ hěn zàihū dì nàgè rén qiānshǒu - Holding the hand of 'the one'. (Not 100% here!)


4.躺在床上听屋外的雨声;Tǎng zài chuángshàng tīng wūwài de yǔ shēng - Lying on your bed listening to the rain outside. 


5.每次看到那个人心里七上八下的感觉;Měi cì kàn dào nàgè rén xīnlǐ qī shàng bā xià de gǎnjué - The feeling every time you see 'the one'. (七上八下 = at 6s and 7s - your heart in is a mess!)


6.深夜不眠与室友聊天; Shēnyè bùmián yǔ shì you liáotiān - Chatting with a friend late at night. 


7.一个信任的眼神; Yīgè xìnrèn de yǎnshén - A trusting glance with someone.


8.睡觉的时候,太阳照在身上; Shuìjiào de shíhou, tàiyáng zhào zài shēnshang - Sleeping and the sun shines on your body. 


9.一觉醒来发现还可以睡上几小时; Yī juéxǐng lái fāxiàn hái kěyǐ shuì shàng jǐ xiǎoshí - Waking up to discover you can sleep for a few more hours. 


10.明天开始旅行 Míngtiān kāishǐ lǚxíng - Going travelling tomorrow. 


Thought it might be cool to see what people consider 世界上最美的件事 - maybe not ten as that would take a while! Add your comments or share the post below. And don't forget to follow ichinesetweets for more quotes like this.  

This post was originally published on Study More Chinese Blogs written by BaoLuo 保罗

(photo credit Aunt Owwee)

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Comment by Josh Ke 柯恩华 on July 18, 2012 at 12:38am

great post!

Comment by Gen on July 13, 2012 at 4:33pm

Very pertinent. 
好中肯。hǎo zhòngkěn

reading each of the entry in the list warms me up.

Comment by Shu on July 13, 2012 at 1:58pm

Another  joy of life is to look at the starry,starry night sky and listen to this song, the lyrics goes --

摸不到的颜色 是否叫彩虹?
mō bù dào de yán sè shì fǒu jiào cǎi hóng
The color can't be touched, is it called rainbow?
看不到的拥抱 是否叫做微风?
kàn bù dào de yōng bào shì fǒu jiào zuò wēi fēng
The embrace that can't be seen, is it called breeze?

and more ....

Listen to the song 星空

Comment by sikora on July 13, 2012 at 8:35am

I'm glad I caught this post this go round.  I'll definitely check out ichinesetweets.

Comment by Brandon on June 22, 2012 at 6:17am

Great idea for a post, nice job. 

You forgot to add "amazing double cheeseburger when hungover" to the list though.

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