Starting today with reading and writing some Chinese characters in class. We can barely make sentences, our pronunciation is awful (worse than Americans learning Spanish) and just remembering pinyin is a stretch. Maybe pictures will help us?

This is the book they told us to buy.

And here's what it looks like inside

Not exactly thrilling layout. On the plus side the pages themselves feel really old (despite it being a new book) so that increases the 'tactile nature of learning', whatever the hell that means.

For now, here's basically what I remember.
我的 -
well that's as far as I got with a stupid keyboard input setting from microsoft. iphone input for characters is so much better. please let me know what you use for typing chinese traditional.

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Comment by anca kin on January 6, 2011 at 6:54am

i use the google pinyin input method, and i'm very very happy with it

Comment by Brandon on December 7, 2010 at 8:48pm
... and here's what day 2 homework looks like - about as exciting as the book layout....

王先生是一位非常有经验的男老师,在北京大学工作, 他转教留学生学习现代汉语和书法

王先生是一位非常有经验的男老师, 在北京大学工作, 他转教留学生学习现代汉语和书法

王先生是一位非常有经验的男老师, 在北京大学工作, 他转教留学生学习现代汉语和书法

王先生是一位非常有经验的男老师, 在北京大学工作, 他转教留学生学习现代汉语和书法

王先生是一位非常有经验地男老师, 在北京大学工作, 他转教留学生学习现代汉语和书法

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