Skritter Chinese Review - App 9 out of 10

I have been using Skritter for nearly six months. Overall I am very very satisfied with this App. 

Skritter 9/10 Thumbs upThumbs upThumbs upThumbs upThumbs upThumbs upThumbs upThumbs upThumbs up

The platforms for this application are Web based App and an iPod, iPhone, iPad App. The Web based App requires an Internet connection. The iPhone version allows you to work offline. Skritter will sync latter when you connect to the Net.


I also look forward to Skritter coming out on the Android Apps. Also I suggest getting stylus. For me it seems natural to write with a pen rather than my finger.

Skritter has many features that make Hanzi learning enjoyable. These include;

  • Ready made lists from textbooks
  • Other lists to learn (such as radicals)
  • Make your own customized lists
  • You can publish your list for others to use or keep it for your own learning
  • All these features are highly customizable for your own learning needs


 Progress Reports are very useful too. You can track your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly progress of your learning. An email reminder can be set if you forget to study or just to let you know your progress.


You can set your own Mnemonics or if you prefer use one created by a peer.  There is a Skritter Blog that alerts users or new features and updates.  There is a forum for you to discuss Hanzi. There is some debate about some stroke orders and the number of strokes in each Hanzi.

I have found learning Hanzi with Skritter the best App. Fully featured with all the bells and whistles of a carefully written and planned App.

It has the following;

  • stroke order
  • pinyin
  • tones
  • audio
  • animation
  • lookup connected to Pleco dictionary on iDevices or MDBG dictionary on the Web App.
  • easy to add to lists
  • easy to ban from lists
  • plus many more features

There is one thing that I don’t like.  Using the Web based App requires me to type numbers for tones of pinyin. In my case I use a Wacom tablet so it is not so ergonomic to use the keyboard and the Wacom at the same time. If you use your mouse for writing you won’t notice this. I wish it had a way I could enter tones using the tablet.

It will not teach Grammar or sentences or the nuances of Chinese language learning. It is a simple straight forward multimedia (bells and whistles) electronic flash card plus more hanzi learning program.

I wish I had discovered Skritter earlier. It would have been better for my learning to start from the day I started my University course of Chinese.  I will use it beyond the end of my course too.   I think it would benefit all learners of Chinese regardless of their level.  I have found that teenagers enjoy learning with this too.

Interested in Skritter ? You can have a two week trial then you will need a paid subscription. 

Get the iphone appipad app


Cheers 乔纳森

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