Rana Mitter - Oxford Professor of Chinese History - a new World Journal Article on his Books

As has been becoming increasingly well know, Oxford Professor of Chinese History Rana Mitter has written a current best seller released last fall 2013 entitled "Forgotten Ally: China's World War II, 1937 - 1945", available in ebook, paperback or hardcover.  Here is a link to the Amazon kindle page:


A few of his other books are worth reading also:

    China's War with Japan ( hardcover only ...  I have not read it yet and wonder if new book is a rewrite )



     A Bitter Revolution ( kindle, paper and hard ... I have read this book )



     A Smooth Path to Pearl Harbour  ( here is a book review )   


On Monday ( July 7 ) when I was eating at my local Cantonese Cafe the "Loabanler" gave me a magazine to look at the said "World Weekly Magazine" in Chinese and "Supplement to World Journal" in English.  It was issue number No. 1581 dated July 6 - July 12 2014.  In order to search later, I wrote down the internet address ( www.worldjournal.com) as soon as I saw the Rana Mitter and WW II which starts on page 12 and ends before page 24 which is Flee Market article and page 28 is a Transformer 4 article.  The articles in this magazine are in Chinese.

So on Tuesday I enter into the Google Search Engine : "Rana Mitter worldjournal.com" and find these articles that are in English and the published date is  March 08, 2014 and says la,world.journal, or sf or ny replacing la.  Here are the links:


and also here:


and also here:


A bit later I found the Chinese versions of the articles that I saw at the Cantonese Cafe.

The article ( from pages 18 to 22 in the World Journal) by Rana Mitter is at this link:


[ Note: 書摘-被遺忘的盟友 ( Shū zhāi-bèi yíwàng de méngyǒu ) means Book Excerpt - Forgotten Ally ]

Click on printer symbol to get a version you can print, copy and put into a translator if desired.  The photos will be removed.  Using a Pinyin translator we see that Rana Mitter's Chinese name is 芮納.密特(ruì nà. Mì tè).

July 7 is the anniversary of the Marco Polo Bridge Incident that start the China-Japan War in 1937.



This link is to the magazine I glanced at in the Cantonese Cafe ( top picture is the cover )


We do not have clickable links on this page but we can click on printer symbol again to use a translator if that is needed.   We have as pages we want to examine:

12 專題報導

    天寧島上話二戰 陳艷群

     芷江七里橋 日軍俯首投降之地 樂 維

18 書摘 《被遺忘的盟友》 芮納.密特

24 美國現象 賓田集市 世界最大跳蚤市場 飛 雪

28 電影世界 變形金剛4 中國味濃 馬 雲

But this link does have clickable links:


( the 4th link down with a 4 in it is obviously the article on the new Transformer 4 movie ),  The first 3 links are the links about WW II that are of interest to us.  Clicking on the 3rd we find it is the Rana Mitter article and the link is the same as the one found earlier.



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Top Member
Comment by Thomas Doherty on July 14, 2014 at 11:27pm

Another page at www.bookzone,com TW dedicated to Rana Mitter's book Forgotten Ally:


Top Member
Comment by Thomas Doherty on July 14, 2014 at 11:03pm

This is what the Royal Geographic Society Hong Kong Branch had to say about Rana Mitter before his late June 2014 lecture at their Duke of Windsor Building on Hennessy Road:


Top Member
Comment by Thomas Doherty on July 14, 2014 at 9:19pm

Here is a link to one of the sites selling the Chinese edition of Rana Mitter's book Forgotten Ally:


Top Member
Comment by Thomas Doherty on July 13, 2014 at 10:09pm

Fellow Quincy Massachusetts resident and avid historian Ryan Daniels has written a review pf Rana Mitter's book Forgotten Ally in the local English - Chinese language newspaper "Sampan":


Top Member
Comment by Thomas Doherty on July 13, 2014 at 10:01pm

A Chinese language version of Rana Mitter's book Forgotten Ally is coming out this month ( July 2014 ) and the English language paperback version is coming out in Sept 2014;  Here is a goodreads,com review of the English language version:


Top Member
Comment by Thomas Doherty on July 13, 2014 at 9:52pm

A July 10 2014 NY Times interview with Rana Mitter:


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