Speaking of Sabrina being called an 阿姨 - ā yí ...

I somehow got mistaken for a store clerk yesterday in a sports clothing store. A woman asked me something in Chinese but I have no idea what she said.

So out comes the the classic, 我不知道 - wŏ bù zhī dào

1) Simple - is a random store/sales clerk still go by 服务员?
2) Complex - what should my response have been, regardless of the question she asked? (non-traditional, more than 这里我不工作 - zhè lĭ wŏ bù gōng zuò)

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Comment by Brandon on December 8, 2010 at 7:51pm
Ha that was my own fancy-Chinese typing words & grammar. I will assume that you meant Google translate as a compliment.

我不在这里工作 - wŏ bù zài zhè lĭ gōng zuò -> listen crazy woman, i don't work here and have no f'n clue where the sport socks are at. Got it, thanks.

“麻烦你” or “对不起,请问”, both of which mean something like 'excuse me'
má fan nĭ or duì bù qĭ, qĭng wèn
Comment by Frank on December 8, 2010 at 9:31am
服务员 is more for waiters. i would usually say “麻烦你” or “对不起,请问”, both of which mean something like 'excuse me'

btw, 这里我不工作 is definitely from something like google translate. it should be 我不在这里工作, which is also way too formal for daily conversations.

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