Several new groups of people in China with interesting names

In China there are several new words to call some new groups of people. 啃老族,闪婚族,月光族,丁克族,毕婚族!Now I'm gonna explain them one by one!


啃老族 kěn lǎo zú:

A group people who have the ability to find a job, but they give up all the chances of employments. They ask their parents to buy them every thing that they want. Usually, they cost a lot money.


闪婚族 shǎn hūn zú:

Flash marriage group, They get married in a very short time after they meet. Most of them think that in this way can not only save money and time, but also get emotional comfort!


月光族 yuè guāng zú:

A group people who spend their entire salary every month! We also address the female 月光族 “月光仙子 yuè guāng xiān zǐ ”(仙子---fairy/faerie).



丁克族 dīng kè zú:

A group of people who have the ability to have a child but choose not to give a birth. They probably like living without children.


毕婚族 bì hūn zú:

Marry-upon-graduation, the group of people who would get married soon after they graduate from college.




These words are very popular in China! Haha.... Which group are you in?


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Comment by Brandon on July 17, 2011 at 9:59pm

This post is great!  Thanks for writing it.  

Do you know where 丁克族 dīng kè zú came from?  It almost looks like a transliteration from an English slang term DINK - which stands for Dual Income No Kids, meaning both parents have a job (2 incomes) without having kids...

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