Not so long ago I posted this, What is a good study plan for Chinese? ( 我应制定学习计划。我要学习计划I should make a study plan. I need a study plan. 

As I have been very busy with a number of things I still haven’t made this study plan.

So today I am setting out my attack on Chinese learning. It is very simple and I plan to do the following;

  • Have an online / Skype Chinese lesson on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 2 x 25 minute Pomodoros
  • Listen to my Pimsleur Chinese Mandarin II audio once a day (maybe twice a day) 1 x Pomodoro
  • At least 50 minutes of Hanzi learning on Skritter ( I usually break this up into 2 X 25 minutes Pomodoros 

Now this is rather a lot and I may not be able to do every task every day. However I am going to try this for the next 65 days as that is the countdown to my ELTF Dalian Study.

There are some other tasks I need to do.  I do try to do my Homework or revise my lesson notes…my very competent Chinese teacher would say I don’t do this….

Regarding the Pimsleur Chinese I often do while walking, doing the washing up or preparing dinner….yet somehow I still manage to do retain much of what I want from the course. 

Also I shall be incorporating the following;

  • Set specific times – I will study in the early morning 
  • Pre book Chinese lessons – My thrice weekly lesson is @ 11:00 am
  • Make the content interesting – While I still have to study NPCR 3 (this is another story), I do plan to make the lessons and study specific to my needs
  • Set a concrete goal of what I want to achieve

I am going to try to work something out according to this formula –> number of classes +  hours spent studying Chinese = Should be able to do the following in Chinese. Might set this out in a detailed post soonish..

 I have to thank Brandon and Kevin for their suggestions and ideas.

(this study plan blog post was originally published on Study More Chinese Blog)

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