My mind on my money (and the characters that Snoop Dogg can teach us)

In the song Gin & Juice, Snoop Dogg (photovideolyrics) let loose a famous line of, "with my mind on my money and my money on my mind" and it has somehow stuck to a few Mandarin characters for me.  I highly recommend playing the youtube video while reading this post.


The first character is extremely common and it's probably just best to memorize it. 

  - wǒ meaning I, me or my.


I got my mind on my money...

Money is  - qián -

The left half of  qián seems to be associated with thinking or asking, kind of like a person with their head down.  

The right side of  qián is similar to right side of  wǒ.


Therefore, I am thinking about money half the time or asking for money or I got my mind on my money.  You get the idea.


Now of course if you're worried about your money, then you might want to have a drink of, oh I don't know, say some Gin and Juice...?  That's not too popular in Shanghai so instead I've learned the characters for a bottle (of) beer 一瓶啤酒 yī píng pí jiŭ.

The left half of  píng looks like a bottle opener and the word 开 - kāi, which means to start or open.

The left half of  pí is an open mouth.
And the left half of  jiŭ is a 3 line radical for 'water'.



The rest of jiŭ looks just like 西 - xī which means 'west'.  Beer has been more popular in the west so 'open bottle, mouth, western water' = bottle of beer - 瓶啤酒 píng pí jiŭ.


Still with me?  Good.  If you're like Snoop, a tireless romantic, you'll also want to drink & party, with your, um "guests" who "aint leavin til six in the mornin"...


Stay tuned for part two of this post coming soon -

2 parts, seriously?

I know, I know...


Update: Click here to read part 2 - and my money on my mind

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Comment by Brandon on February 11, 2011 at 7:45am

Hah thanks Gillian, what an excellent compliment, that's exactly what I was going for.

太好了! tài hăo le!

Comment by Gillian Law on February 10, 2011 at 10:22pm
You're off your head, but it's very amusing - and I do remember things after your 'lessons', so it works :-)

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