Hi everyone,

I would like to offer help with Mandarin and I also hope that people can help to improve my written English. Thanks.


闹钟 nàozhōng                        alarm clock

新闻  xīnwén                           news

月光族 yuèguāng zú                moonlight

工资  gōngzī                            salary

相机  xiàngjī                            camera 

墨镜 mòjìng                            sunglasses

抱怨 bàoyuàn                          complain

建议 jiànyì                               suggestion


8am, alarm clock, apartment
I turn on the laptop and listen to the songs of Van Morrison. First I check my personal emails then review the Italian language grammar thatI learned last night. It’s interesting because yesterday I felt so frustrated with this language that I’ve invested a lot of time in but it has not been improving. But last night my language partner taught me grammar for one hour by typing with a great sense of humor. Italian, I hate you but I still want to learn you…


12am, office

I almost finished dealing with all of my work emails, God bless me no incoming call and urgent emails, because I need to deal with my visa application documents. I can understand that too many Chinese go abroad and live there illegally, but I am innocent! I just want to go sightseeing ! Ok, stop complaining, it’s useless. Change your mind, Q!

Pansy is talking now, she is moonlight and I can’t understand why she always spends all of her salary to buy expensive clothes. She is working in a international sun-glasses trade company and I know clearly how much profit the vendor gets from women. I think that women should spend money on a variety of things for themselves, not just clothing. Surely I love clothes but not as crazy as her.

“Dear, you really should save some money for an emergency”
“I know, I just can’t control it”
Well, I have no words. People choose the way they live… I think about the two weeks trip to Canada and I am sure that I will try to use less money but enjoy every minute, so exciting, I am going to see a killer whale! 90 Canadian dollars!

Fang asks me to help alter his Chinese and English CV but the format is poorly structured. I wrote some suggestions and think about my written English. I can’t really help to alter English CV because my English level is far from an excellent level. I should improve it. Oh, Business report, when I can achieve one?

I should upload some photos to my flickr. (site spelled improperly in brand name) There are so many stunning photos there...I think those people are professional photographers and have good cameras.  They also have ability to find the beautiful thing with different angle, natural amazing...


How far I can go in my life?

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