Living abroad in China and studying Chinese. What is it like? 在中国留学生的生活 part 1

The last year of my life I spent in China and to let the story get going I will say it straight away: I was learning Mandarin.

It was like every day attending Chinese classes (not including the time I was busy with a lot sorts of petty stuff) and no doubts the thing I value the most in the course of picking up a foreign language quickly – constantly being exposed to environment where you are forced to use a language if you want to survive, so this way you are soaking in Mandarin language, culture or their habits like all the time.

There is nothing better than this. I assume that there are more people can ‘boast of’ the same experience. So my point is, it would be a good to share our experiences, using Chinese of course. In the same way native speakers can share they impressions of dealing with foreigners trying to learn Chinese.



The most difficult part of the game definitely is the beginning so I wrote a few words about how it looked like from my perspective, looking forward for your comments!


(For main text I only used a glossary table to introduce some difficult words and wrote questions both in Chinese and English. Let me know which way is more approachable.)  






Some of the vocab 单词


很不容易 hěn bù róngyì      it’s difficult to

合适           héshì                      appropriate

方法           fāngfǎ                    method

甚至           shènzhì                  even

陌生           mòshēng               stranger

搭讪           dāshàn                  to strike up a conversation

睡不着      shuì bù zháo        cannot fall asleep

寝室           qǐnshì                     bedroom/dorm

倒霉           dǎoméi                  unlucky

舍不得      shěbude                hate to do sth.

交谈           jiāotán                   to chat

寻找           xúnzhǎo                to search for

变化           biànhuà                 change

不止一次 bù zhǐ yīci              more than one time







如果这里有在中国生活经历的人,有海外学习中文化经历的人。请你给我们说一下你的体验如何?(If there is anyone with experience of studying Chinese abroad please show up and share your impressions.)


同样的,从中国人角度来说,你们发现跟外国人或留学生对付难不难?有肯能与来自完全不一样的文化的人交友么? 然后对他们第一个印象怎么样?(From the Chinese point of view, it is hard to deal with foreigners? It is possible to make a friend among them? What was your first impression about them?)

Continue reading part 2: 

Living abroad in China and studying Chinese. What is it like?

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Comment by Razor Liao on November 15, 2012 at 11:17am



Comment by Arkadiusz Kobylański on September 13, 2012 at 10:37pm

虽然你说跟男友到中国去,但还是真好奇他毕竟从哪个国家来的? 难道他是来自中国? 哈哈,我就开玩笑。希望你们尽快能回中国去!

Comment by Marta Osowiecka on September 13, 2012 at 2:20pm

去年我和我的男朋友去过昆明。 学习中文在学校无聊一点, 但是跟中国人交流很好玩!我在昆明学习一直两个月, 因为我怀孕了。 所以我要回来我的国家。 现在我的宝贝已经2,5 月大, 我们等等她张大了一点和我们一起去中!

Comment by Arkadiusz Kobylański on September 6, 2012 at 9:10pm



你真的是个内向的人么?看着你的照片然后进到你的博客后我都不敢这样说吧。 :)

Comment by Sara Jaaksola on September 6, 2012 at 12:39pm

谢谢你告诉我们你的经历! 我现在在中山大学读本科,快要上本三下,所以还有一年半才能毕业。我觉得学中文的最好的办法就是来到中国。这里你每天有机会跟当地人交流。最好找那些不会说英文的中国人,跟他们交朋友。



Comment by Ruaridh Maxwell/麥儒叡 on August 31, 2012 at 7:32am

Well, I suppose my experience would be different from most students', in that I was living in Hong Kong for a year, and working as a teaching assistant rather than actually studying.

As Chinese language skills weren't necessary, I left the UK with literally zero knowledge of any dialect of Chinese, but quickly found that to live in the area I was staying in, learning some basic Chinese would definitely help.  So my initial learning was borne out of necessity, and constituted basic Cantonese rather than Mandarin.

I learned because I was interested, not because I really needed to (you can get by in most of Hong Kong using English, though those that do try and speak Chinese are generally held in higher regard by most than those that don't).  I actually found the language to be far easier than European languages, due to the grammar more than anything.

In short, I found it a thoroughly enriching experience...though not having to be tested on it must have made a difference...  

Comment by Brandon on August 31, 2012 at 6:44am

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