Learn some racy Chinese Bar Etiquette with the Simpsons

There are a few bars in Shanghai that all have 'Windows' in the name. They tend to attract Westerners and along with Westerners, come concerns.  


They have posted some signs outside of their bars using characters from The Simpsons. I snapped a few photos because they have fun vocabulary for us to learn.

Mandarin translations provided by our amazing StudyMoreChinese friend Zhang Wenzhuo.


Here's the first, 'No Prostitution'.


不准卖淫嫖娼 bù zhǔn mài yín piáo chāng
"卖淫" is women's bad behavior, “嫖娼”is men's bad behavior!


The next ones you will probably have to click the image to expand & zoom in.  I'll leave it up to you to invent a story that goes with the No Drugs photo. 

No Fighting!

不准打架 bù zhǔn dǎ jià

(不准=no, fighting=打架)

No Gambling!

不准赌博 bù zhǔn dǔ bó (赌博=gambling)

No Drugs

不准吸毒 bù zhǔn xī dú (吸毒=take drugs, here no drugs=不准吸毒

Don't Drink and Drive


qǐng wù jǐu hòu jià chē


Pls don't smoke inside


qǐng wù zài lǐ biān xī yān


Know your limit


qǐng wù guò dù yǐn jǐu


The last one we're not entirely sure about translation but it works anyway. Translates like qǐng wù (please do not) guò dù (excessive; over-; excess; going too far) yǐn jǐu (to drink wine).

There, you are now equipped to ignore all of these instructions and have one hell of a night. Enjoy!

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