Learn Chinese Internet Slang via China Smack

Chinasmack is a really interesting site that basically translates whatever is going viral on the Chinese internet, including netizen comments, which are usually the most interesting part.



Here is a link to their 'internet glossary' for popular phrases or memes used.  I've posted a few below as a sample - the full glossary takes a while to read through.


打酱油 [dǎjiàngyóu / da3 jiang4 you2]

Get soy sauce. This is a popular internet meme that means “none of my business” or “does not involve me”.
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蛋疼 [dàn téng / dan4 teng2]
Ball ache. Testicle ache. Usually refers to doing something extremely unreasonable or ridiculous out of boredom or having nothing better to do.
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火星人 [huǒxīngrén / huo3 xing1 ren2]

Someone from Mars, meaning someone who is out of touch with reality or with current news, events, fashion, trends, culture, etc. 你是火星回来的吗 = did you just come back from Mars?
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加油 [jiāyóu / jia1 you2]

An expression of encouragement or support similar to “good luck”, “go for it”, “try your best”, “wish you well”, etc. depending on context.
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 [tū / tu1]
Often used online to represent giving someone the middle finger.
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微博 [wēibó / wei1 bo2]
Short for 微型博客 [wēixíng bókè / wei1 xing2 bo2 ke4], “microblog”. Usually refers to the microblogging services by Sina or QQ. A microblog is a service similar to Twitter, where updates are limited to a certain number of characters.
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I wonder if WTF and 'Why you no...' have made it to China yet. What do you think?


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