How are you going to study today? Tech #1 - Use subtitle editing software to learn from Mandarin movies

Learn from Mandarin Movies - 

The key to keeping things fresh is creativity, this fact carries on to learning. Don't keep using the same dried up routine. The brain was made to adapt, which mean whichever technique you're using will be less effective if repeated over and over.


I'm going to share a technique I made that websites are charging you to use:


Steps for learning from Chinese movies:

Step 1: Find a "subtitle" edit software that allows you to open/edit/create subtitle files "SRT"

STEP2: Find a "modern popular" movie that uses everyday vocabulary

Step3:Find the Chinese/ English subtitle for the movie ( you likely to find subtitle of popular movies)

Step4: have a decent Chinese dictionary installed.


*The subtitle software allows you to open the Chinese subtitle of the movie that you would see while watching the movie. You can copy, edit, words in the "srt" file and save it, so when watching the movie the changes you made can be seen in the subtitle

* use it drill down on words and vocabulary list from the movie. With Copy & paste you can just copy the words you don't know into a dictionary for meaning.


There is many ways you can benefit from this, be creative with it. you be amaze to see yourself actually understanding the movie.


Give it a try! if you need any help let me know, I be happy too.

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Comment by Indira Santos on January 11, 2012 at 1:31am

that sounds fun! its really a good idea to keep practicing. i really like to keep listening to music and watching movies or dramas or whatever so i can get used to the new language.

Comment by Shu on January 10, 2012 at 9:14am

It is a great idea:) It needs a lot of patience; however, it will be highly enjoyable!

Here are some similar things that you can drill on your listening skill.

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