Learn a Chinese phrase - What is 潇洒 xiao sa?

Learn Chinese phrase - What is 潇洒 xiao sa? Or what does the phrase 潇洒 really mean?

If I were a serious Chinese learner like you are, I would go checking the dictionaries, and these are what I found:

1 mdbg -- natural and unrestrained (of a person's appearance, demeanor, carriage) / elegant and unconventional.
2 nciku -- natural and unaffected.

So, basically you will know 潇洒 this phrase is something to do with natural doing of a person. It is safe to assume that it refers to certain people with a natural and unrestrained way of doing things.

nciku also gives readers a few bunch of example sentences. They are rough translation, not perfect, but they also give you some general understanding of the sentences.

The first sentence
nǐ kàn tā zhàn zài chōnglàngbǎn shàng chéngfēngpòlàng , duō xiāosǎ !
The translation from the online dictionary is:

Look how handsome he is as he rides on his surfboard.
The Google translate is:
You see he stood on surfboards, wind and waves, more chic!
You did smile at Google translate sometimes, right?

I translate it as:
You see, the way he was standing on the surfboard riding the wind and breaking the waves, how natural and unrestrained!

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Also for the song of Sally Yeh's 潇洒走一回, you can find my English translation at http://www.chinesetolearn.com/?p=4437

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