How to sign up for Sina Weibo blog (create an account with screenshots & translations)

weibo sign upLast time I was here I posted a question about using a Weibo to study Chinese. Now the problem with lazy learners like me (who never bother to try and learn to read Chinese is that signing up for such services can be a bit tricky (although one day I swear I'm gonna buy this poster and stare at it every day).


Anyway, here's how to do a weibo sign up:


1. Visit Sina Weibo's Website at:


2. You will find the following at the top right of the page:


how to sign up for weibo

The important one here is the big green button which says:



Lìjí Zhùcè Wēi bó


Register now for a Weibo.


That will then take you to the registration page:

create weibo account

One by one, fill out the following fields:

a. 我的邮箱/Wǒ de yóuxiāng/Your email address


b. 创建密码/Chuàngjiàn mìmǎ/The password you wish to use


c. 昵称/Nìchēng/The handle or nickname you wish to use.


d. 性别/Xìngbié/Your gender. (You should know by now that 男/Nán is a guy and 女/Nǚ is a girl - even if you still can't get the tone right for that pesky Nǚ sound)


e. 所在地/Suǒzàidì/Location

For me this is an interesting one, because I am outside of China which means I should select 海外/Hǎiwài. Then I can select 新加坡/Xīnjiāpō - which is Singapore.


f. Finally we have to fill out the 验证码/Yànzhèng mǎ/Verification code (recognize the '码' again?). Which, frankly, are as annoying in Chinese as they are in English :).


Once you're done with all that - then you're ready to click on:


立即开通 or "Lìjí kāitōng" to open your account.

(Because of course you totally 新浪网络使用协议/Xīnlàng wǎngluò shǐyòng xiéyì/Read the agreement)


Have fun!


P.S. If you want to learn how others are using weibo to practice Chinese, join the discussion comments on my previous post: How to use Weibo for Learning Chinese


(this post about weibo sign up was originally published on the Study More Chinese blog)

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