How to remember "(to) experience" - 经验 - jīng yàn

Occasionally I invent my own stories to remember Chinese characters (汉字).

经 验 - jīng yàn - (and can add a de on the end to make experienced adjective).


Start with second character, .

The left half of the character is mă which means horse.

The top right of the character 验 reminds me of a horse saddle and underneath that is grass & shit.


And you have to be experienced to ride a horse right?

Before you ride a horse, you have to get on it. And that can be a lot of work.


so looking at first character

The bottom right is gōng which means work.

The left half of the character is legs and arms, stepping up (see photo).

Top right is straddling after using to step up onto the 马 horse.


Voila 经验 - jīng yàn - experience.

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