How to remember 口,门,问,们 and 乒乓 ping pong (hint, they're related)

A few characters to remember for those just starting out.


kŏu - means mouth, for hopefully obvious reasons :) :0 :O & smaller versions of that box are often associated with speaking when used in other characters.

mén - means door and we’re just going to say that it looks like a door.

Combine the two, mouth & door - when you hear the door, you ask who is there.

wèn – to ask

Similarly, the left half of this character usually means a person. men

Since you haven’t answered the door, there could be several people outside. So that men is used to make something plural – wŏ = I, 我们 – wŏmen = we.




And because I was looking for photos, I came across this gem.  A door that converts into a ping-pong table. Excellent.

Ping pong is impossible to remember in Chinese so don’t even try. It’s 乒乓 pīng pāng.


You 打乒乓球 dǎ pīngpāng qiú,dǎ =to play, qiú = ball.

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Comment by Brandon on December 26, 2010 at 11:02am
Excellent thanks Anna!

Top Member
Comment by Zhang Wenzhuo on December 25, 2010 at 5:15pm
Hi, Brandon
I just want to add some other Chinese characters in this way, it may help you! :)

“木” mu4, it looks like a tree, doesn't it? In Ancient Chinese it means "tree", while we use "树shu4" instead of "木mu4" in Modern Chinese!

“林 lin2" means wood, we all know that a wood consist of many trees, so there are two "木” in this "林"

"森 sen1" means forest, it need more trees to compose a forest than a wood, so there are 3 "木” in this character.

Sorry for my bad English, hope you could understand me! :)
Merry Christmas!


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