How to remember "if" - 如果 - rú guŏ

Okay so this one isn't that complicated but it has proven to be pretty memorable. It's just what I first thought when looking at the characters.

"if - in the event that" - 如果 - rú guŏ

I 'read' this starting with the left half of first character. That looks like -nǚ - "woman". The box next to it is like - kŏu - "mouth".


The second character is , which at the time I thought 'well that could be anything' meaning I had no idea what it was.

So if you're following me, I read it like

"IF a woman opens her mouth, well, anything could come out." (as in, I have no idea what she'll say)

I admit, not the most admirable of memory retention techniques. But if it sticks, it sticks.

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