How To Buy Insect Repellent Products In China!

I commented this on the Daily Chinese Sentences for 蚊 wén and 林 lín the other day.  You can find some additional sentence examples there.  

I just thought that you might be curious on how to buy/choose insect repellent products in China (驱蚊用品 qū wén yòng pǐn), hope today's post would help! :)



1. This one is called 蚊香 wén xiāng,the translation would be mosquito coil or mosquito repellent incense like Gen said.  This kind of 蚊香 wén xiāng needs to be lit on fire to kill mosquitoes and bugs.





2. This one is called 蚊香片 wén xiāng piàn,it works the same way as 蚊香 wén xiāng,all you have to do is put the 蚊香片 wén xiāng piàn in the heater and then it will send the mosquitoes/bugs away.




3. 蚊香液 wén xiāng yè,does the same job as 蚊香、蚊香片。







4. This one is called 花露水 huā lù shuǐ --- spray/lotion,we spout it directly on bodies or drop some in the bath water to keep mosquitoes away.






Now you know how those insect repellent products work and

probably sure what kind of insect repellent products you need in summer. Good luck everyone! :)


Thanks for the help from Gen & Brandon!

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