Chinese short film series "One step away" - episode 1 - "How long will the love last"

This is episode 1 of a series Chinese short films (幸福59厘米) that were produced by Youku in collaboration with 东乐影音(a kind of entertainment company)and 6 famous directors from different fields. Read more on the summary page here.  Embedded below is "How long will the love last" with English subtitles. 


幸福59厘米之爱有多久 - youku link


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Comment by Nora Joy Wilson on December 6, 2011 at 9:42pm

This film doesn't have a whole lot of dialogue (similar to many other Chinese films) so it's not the best choice purely for language practice.  That being said, it is still definitely worth the 36 minutes for its cinematography, music and a surprising amount of originality.  

I haven't had much luck when it comes to Chinese movies, but I'm glad I hadn't given up on Chinese cinema before seeing this.  This is by far the most unique Chinese film I have watched up until now and it is restoring my interest in this country's digital arts.  I'm looking forward to watching the other 5.  Thanks, Brandon, for posting this!

(if any of you out there have other recommendations, please let me know.  Thanks!)

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