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Comment by RETTA on December 2, 2012 at 12:39pm

吃了炸药 means someone looks like very angry , even in small things,he  will break into a furious rage

秘密蒙蒙is wrong ,the right words is 密密麻麻 (mimimama)The crowded numerous of something .

I don't know if i translate right ,hope that  can help you to understand these two chinese words

Comment by J L on November 17, 2012 at 11:51pm

KayKeri is right, saying someone 吃了炸药 describes someone to be like a ticking time bomb.
秘密蒙蒙  (literally translates to) secret+caché/hidden. is much like an grammatical aspect modifier (that is often one word but repeated consequtively, such as 密密麻麻) to mean something that is hidden or obstructed. For instance, in the vein of lyrics or prose it could mean a secret shrouded in mystery and obfuscated.

A derivative word is . It is pronouced the same, but the meaning changes slightly (and note  the change in radicals).  in this case refers unclear and obfuscation but of a more physical nature, predominately by sight-based actions. For instance, 睡眼朦朧 means someone to be sleepy and eyes half-opened.

Comment by KayKeri on November 8, 2012 at 7:23pm

I won't explain in English for you. I like learning by working it out for myself, so I'll let you work it out for yourself. Anything you don't understand please ask

吃了炸药就是很生气 Chīle zhàyào jiùshì hěn shēngqì.
也形容,一个人无缘无故非常生气 Yě xíngróng, yīgè rén wúyuánwúgù fēicháng shēngqì

例子Lìzi: Example
你干嘛突然像吃了炸药一样?Nǐ gànma túrán xiàng chī le zhàyào yīyàng?

意思是:Yìsi shì: 你怎么突然那么生气呀?Nǐ zěnme túrán nàme shēngqì ya?

秘密蒙蒙 My friend said she has never heard of this, suggested you might mean:

密密麻麻 mì mi má má: close and numerous; densely packed; thick; dense

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