One month later, it's our traditional festival----Spring Festival(春节)! It is the most important festival to us!During Spring Festival,we get together, children wear new clothes,old people paste red couplets on the doors,we set off firecrackers,eat dumplings.......It's amazing!There is another way to say Spring Festival, 过年 guó nián,of course there is a story behind it, let me tell you.In this story you will know why we paste red couples on the door, why we set off firecrackers.:)


Long long again,our ancestors have suffered from one of the most ferocious beast threat.This beast is called "年",it hunts all kinds of animals for food.In winter,there is lack of animals for 年 to hunt,so it goes to the village and hunts villagers for food. People have struggled with this 年 beast for many years,people found that this 年 is afraid of three things ,the red color, light and sound.So in winter people hang red peach wooden board on the door,stay up all night,make some sound.On this very night,年 broke into the village,saw those red colors, lights and sounds,it was frightened and run back to the mountain and never comes back.
To commemorate this victory,in every winter of this time, every household pastes red couplets on the doors, electricity lantern, sets off firecrackers and fireworks, stay up all night, and then the next day, we give our best wishes to each other in the morning. It has been passed down from generation to generation,then become the "过年".


I really am sorry for my horrible English! :)

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Comment by anca kin on January 6, 2011 at 5:21am

your english is fine :D, very good actually :P


this is a great story, thank you for sharing

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