English & Chinese translation - Chinese smartphone price war imminent in H2: analyst 英翻中----中国智能手机价格战逼近

Chinese smartphone price war imminent in H2: analyst
中国智能手机价格战逼近【Jim Wu:H2是什么意思?】


The domestic smartphone industry in China will witness a more competitive market as more upgrade their devices and rivals anticipate ruthless, Darwinian competition. 伴随着更多的设备升级和对手加入,中国国内手机市场行业将见证一个可预见的残酷的更具竞争性的市场 ,达尔文式的竞争。

"The overall growth rate of the market will slow down in the second half of this year," said Antonio Wang, an analyst from market intelligence firm International Data Corporation (IDC). "This year's market demand for smartphones may remain the same as last year," Wang added. “在今年下半年该市场的总体增长率将会下滑,”  Antonio Wang说到,一个来自市场情报公司(IDC公司)的分析员.“今年的智能手机市场需求可能与去年保持一致。”Antonio Wang补充到。

According to Wang, the potential competition arises from two factors: Apple's upgraded products, such as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6c, may possibly stimulate consumption even as domestic makers start producing new devices, like Huawei's Mate 8. In addition, domestic Internet companies, such as LeTV and Qihoo 360, have also thrown their hats into the smartphone ring. 根据Antonio Wang的观点,潜在的竞争升级来源于两个因素:苹果公司升级的产品,诸如IPHONE6S和IPHONE6C可能会刺激消费,即使国内制造商开始生产新的设备,例如华为MATE8。另外,国内英特网公司,例如乐视TV和奇虎360,已经正式宣布加入。

"Bearing a situation where market growth slows down and white-hot competition heats up in mind, price wars between the competitors are imminent," said Wang. “承受着市场增速下滑和白热化的竞争这样一个境况,竞争者之间的价格战正在逼近,”Antonio Wang说。【Jim Wu:  in mind 什么意思?】

Statistics from IDC show that China's smartphone sales volume will reach 450 million units. In China's main cities, more and more phone makers are utilizing a variety of marketing strategies to encourage their existing customers to purchase new phones as the market has reached saturation point. IDC 公司的统计表明中国的智能手机销售额将达到450000000部。在中国的主要城市,由于市场已经达到饱和点,越来越多的手机制造商在利用各种各样的市场销售战略来鼓励其现存的客户来购买新的手机电话。

The update cycle of China's smartphones is about 1.8 years, and is shorter in higher tier cities than in the countryside. The level is even higher than some developed countries around the world, IDC told chinadaily.com.cn. 中国智能手机的升级周期大约为1.8年,在高层次的城市这个时间比农村地区要短。这个层次水平甚至比世界上某些发达城市还要高,IDC公司告诉中国日报说道。

"There have been more than 200 brands on sale in China's market. Apart from a number of well-known brands by Chinese buyers, some of the other brands are selling in a certain area and offer lower prices than before," said Wang. “在中国的市场上,现在已经有超过200个品牌在销售。不谈中国买手所熟悉的一些大品牌,一些其他品牌正在固定的区域销售、提供比之前更低的价格。”Antonio Wang说。

According to Wang, although new manufacturers and investors are keen on joining the market, the number of brands is gradually decreasing. One of the key reasons behind this is that newcomers are using Internet marketing to capture consumers' attention and the manufacturing costs have been optimized. Most of the major players are reconsidering the competitiveness of making and selling phones.  ?

据Antonio Wang说,尽管新的制造商和投资者渴望加入这个市场,手机品牌的总数正在逐步减少。在此背后的一个关键因素是新加入者正在使用互联网销售来捕获消费者的关注,而且生产成本已经优化。大多数的主要选手正在重新考虑制造和销售手机的竞争性。


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Comment by Jim Wu on May 16, 2015 at 5:45pm

H2 : The second half ;
bear sth in mind : always thought of, or keep sth in mind

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