Tomorrow I have to give a presentation in my Chinese culture class on an important holiday, or really anything about America (we will have five different countries represented in these presentations, so I'm sure they will be interesting).

I decided to talk about my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. As I was preparing my presentation, I wanted to know how to say "native animal/species." I was trying to describe why the turkey is so important to Thanksgiving. Anyway, my searches for native and indigenous turned up so many results on MDBG (my favorite online dictionary) that I decided to see what google translate would give me.

Luckily, I then checked back on my trusted MDBG.

Note: Turkeys are not important because they are protozoans!

Be careful with google translate. I generally only ever use it for entertainment by translating things I write in Chinese back into English to see how ridiculous it sounds.

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Comment by Joelle Chevrier on April 20, 2011 at 7:30pm
火鸡 huo3ji1 (literally fire chicken) means turkey.
感激 gan3ji1-to be grateful, to give thanks
土豆泥tu3dou4ni2 -mashed potatoes
印第安-Yin4di4an1 -Indian, Native American

I now have until next week to do the presentation, since all of the Koreans in my class gave 20 minute presentations instead of the required 5-10. I think I'll probably go with 本地动物 (ben3di4dong4wu4) which is like, original land animal.

Comment by Brandon on April 20, 2011 at 7:53am

Nice post - I completely agree about Thanksgiving being the best holiday.


Can you share a few vocabulary words from your presentation?  Like Turkey, Thanksgiving and what you ended up going with for native animal / species?


Oh and how did the presentation go?

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