Daily Expression Ⅳ (& some 东北话 dōng běi huà phrases)

Today I want to add some more daily expressions, hope they would help you with your Chinese learning! :)


Here we go:

1. Nancy will retire next year.

   南希明年就退休了. nán xī míng nián jiù tuì xiū le
2. I was alone,but not lonely.

   我独自一人,但并不觉得寂寞。wǒ dú zì yī rén, bìng bù jué dé jì mò
3. The whole world knows that.

   全世界都知道了。quán shì jiè dōu zhī dào le
4. Show your tickets,please.

   请出示你的票。qǐng chū shì nǐ de piào
5. What do you think?

  你怎么认为?/你觉得呢?nǐ zěn me rèn wéi?/nǐ jué de ne?
6. Don't let me down.

   别让我失望。bié ràng wǒ shī wàng


I live in the northeast of China, some of you may know something about 东北话(dōng běi huà), some of you may not.  I'm gonna add a few words of 东北话 which you can't find in the dictionary,just for fun, hope you would like it!

1. 磕碜 kē chen (ugly)    

    in mandarin it should be 难看/丑陋的

    她真磕碜!tā zhēn kē chen

   She looks ugly!

2. 埋汰 mái tai (dirty)      

    in mandarin it should be脏的/脏乱的(zāng de/ zāng luàn de)

  你的房间真埋汰!nǐ de fáng jiān zhēn mái tai

   Your room is dirty!

3. 马路牙子 mǎ lù yá zi (curb kerb)

  马路牙子上有一只猫。mǎ lù yá zi shàng yǒu yī zhī māo

  There is a cat on the curb kerb.

4. 啥 shá (what)

  in mandarin it should be 什么(shén me)

  What? 啥?

  What is this? 这是啥?zhè shì shá?


You can also read part 1 of daily Chinese-English expressions ,  part 2 of daily  Chinese & English expressions and part 3 of daily Mandarin expressions here.


If there is anything more that you want to know, please comment, I'd love to help! :)


PS: I'm sorry for this I may not reply you immediately for the following busy week, but I will reply as soon as I can! Have fun everybody! :)

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Comment by ronnie lins de almeida on September 19, 2011 at 7:12am

Very good!!

Your expressions are very useful for me.
How about making some related to eg:  talking on the phone with someone.

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