Daily Expressions Chinese Mothers Use for Their Children

Question: What kind of expression would a Chinese mother use for the little child during the day, for example, wake up, you are late, eat your breakfast ,etc..

Answer: That depends on the mother’s mood.


If she's in good mood, then

宝贝(bǎo bèi),快醒醒(kuài xǐng xǐng)。 honey, wake up.
你要迟到了(nǐ yào chí dào le)。You'll be late.
吃早饭吧(chī zǎo fàn ba)。Eat your breakfast.

If she’s in bad mood and want to yell at the child, then she may say:

小子(xiǎo zi),快起来(kuài qǐ lái)。Boy, get up!
你又要迟到了(nǐ yòu yào chí dào le)。Or you’ll late again.
吃你的早餐吧(chī nǐ de zǎo cān ba)。Eat your breakfast (and shut up).


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Daily Expressions Mothers Use for Their Children (II)


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Comment by Suray Su on August 6, 2012 at 10:32am

@ Lauren qinpei:

That's also a good way to practice Chinese.

It's very cool to have a bilingual dog, haha....

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