Comparing language courses: Private vs Group vs Online Lessons

Learning a new language is always a fun challenge. There are varying ways a learner can embark upon a language course, whether they are a complete beginner or have previous knowledge. How do you know which style of learning is for you? Here's the lowdown on the types of language courses available.

Private Learning:
Private learning with a tutor is ideal for anyone leading a busy life. The flexibility of a private tutor means you can arrange a lesson at a time convenient to you as well as having a learning plan tailored to your exact needs.

The benefits include:
* One on one lessons with a personal tutor provide the perfect opportunity for quick progression due to having the sole focus of a teacher.
* A personal tutor can devise a learning plan not only based on your language level but also to your personal learning goal, whether you plan to study for enjoyment or for business needs.
* Whilst private lessons can be costly, you pay as you learn. No transport costs and intense learning lessons to learn quickly can also be factored into cost effective learning.

* Private lessons can be expensive.
* Lessons are usually intensive so you need to be focused at all times.
* The lack of group interaction results in less practise of conversational skills with a variety of people.

Group Learning:
If private learning isn’t for you, group learning may be a more suitable alternative. Group learning is perfect for those who wish to interact with other learners.
* The opportunity to meet new people with the same interest of learning a new language.
* Interacting with other learners can improve your use of spoken language.
* The cost of group learning is usually cheaper than private lessons.
* You need to be committed to studying. Classes will be held on a certain day and at a certain time, which is less flexible than studying privately or online.
* Learning within a group means you have to study at the same pace as everyone else. Every student will be at different learning stages, so you may not study as quickly as you wish.
* You'll need to be able to travel to classes, which will add to your initial cost.

Online Learning:
An alternative to private and group tuition is online learning. Online learning is the ideal solution for any student who requires flexible learning and can undertake their own learning plan.
* Online learning materials are easy to access whenever you want to learn. You can also repeat any section of learning material that needs extra attention.
* Learners have access to a variety of multimedia, such as video, podcasts and forums.
* The cost and payment cycle may be flexible.
* You'll need lots of motivation and determination to study alone.
* There's the possibility that you could fall behind with your study plan.
* The lack of personal interaction presents less chance to practise your speaking skills.
Deciding which option is best for you depends on your lifestyle, need and language learning level.

Written by Zoe Wells

A dedicated freelance writer from the UK with a passion for exploring new things. Zoe loves content creation, reading classic literature and learning new languages. She writes for Language Trainers, which provides tailor-made Skype language classes for individuals and businesses worldwide.

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