Chinese synonyms - Fall: 摔 shuāi & 掉 diào

I tried to figure out the difference between these two words, and here are some notes on what I found out. Please share if there is anything else I'm not catching here :)

 [shuāi] is used for two kinds of falling:

A person falling over by accident:


lǎo rén shuāi dǎo le.

Someone getting angry and throwing things:

tā bă bēi zi shuāi zài dì shang.


tā yī shēng qì bă diàn shì jī dōu shuāi le.

 [diào] is used for things falling down on the floor:

gāng bĭ diào zài le dì shang.

Also used for a plane going down:

fēi jī diào xià lái le.


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