Chinese People and Western TV Shows - An Article posted at Yoyo Chinese Blog

Michael Hurwitz over at "Yoyo Chinese The Official Blog" has written a fine article ( in English ) about some of the US/UK TV shows that are now popular in China. 

"Thanks to the advent of Chinese streaming services like Sohu and Youku, it’s easier than ever for Chinese fans to watch their favorite foreign TV shows.

While pirated versions have been available online for years, lately Western content providers have struck deals with Chinese platforms to allow legal distribution of high-quality, subtitled episodes, resulting in a big jump in viewership".

The shows covered in the article are (1) House of Cards,  (2) Big Bang Theory,  (3)  Sherlock  and  (4)  Gossip Girl.

I am continuously surprised that "Big Bang Theory" is such a hit in the US.  So it is not that surprising that it would be a hit in China where education is so much more valued.  As a real life retired nerd who was in Grad School studying Applied Math and Statistics from 1970 to 1973, I thought at first that this show would only last one season and nobody would watch it.  Boy was I wrong!

I am also a little surprised that "Sherlock" is a bigger hit than "Elementary".  It maybe an availability issue.  I have one season DVD set of each show but my "Sherlock" set was purchased at one of the stores in the Chinese Mall we have in Quincy Massachusetts.  The "Sherlock" DVD set has a cover with some Chinese characters and the DVDs themselves have Chinese subtitles.

Read Michael Hurwitz's entire article at this link:;          

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Comment by Thomas Doherty on September 14, 2014 at 5:54am

Fred Hoyle gave the theory of a single rapid start of the universe the name "The Big Bang".  He did not believe in the theory and had his own theory called "Continuous Creation" or "Steady State".  Cosmology was split into two camps during the 1950s and early to mid 1960s.  The discovery and explanation of the cosmic background microwave radiation by the mid 1960s lead to the two camps agreeing that The Big Bang Theory was correct.


Qiáozhì·lēi méi tè (1894-1966), bǐlìshí shùxué jiā hé tiānzhǔjiào shénfù kāifā yǔzhòu dà bàozhà lǐlùn.

Georges Lemaïtre (1894-1966), a Belgian mathematician and Catholic priest developed the theory of the Big Bang.


Fú léi dé·huò yī ěr, tiānwénxué jiā zài jiànqiáo, shuí fèngcì de tíchūle “shēnghuó dà bàozhà”, bù xiāngxìn, zài yǔzhòu dà bàozhà lǐlùn.

Fred Hoyle, an astronomer at Cambridge, who sarcastically coined the term "Big Bang", did not believe in the Big Bang Theory.

In his biography of Fred Hoyle, Simon Mitton wrote:

"To create a picture in the mind of the listener, Hoyle had likened the explosive theory of the universe's origin to a 'big bang'"

Translated into Chinese and Pinyin we have


“Yào zài tīng zhě de nǎohǎi zhōng de huàmiàn, huò yī ěr céng bǐyù yǔzhòu qǐyuán de bàozhàxìng lǐlùn dào'dà bàozhà'”  

An article on Georges Lemaïtre:     

The English Wikipedia page for The Big Bang Theory:        

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Comment by Thomas Doherty on September 14, 2014 at 4:55am

The Chinese Wikipedia page on The Big Bang ( 大爆炸 ):      

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Comment by Thomas Doherty on September 14, 2014 at 2:03am

Can "生活大爆炸" possibly mean literally  "Lives of student's of The Big Bang" ?

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Comment by Thomas Doherty on September 14, 2014 at 12:17am

The four TV Shows with what I think are the literal meanings:

House of Cards – zhǐ pái wū    (指牌屋)

Literal meaning     Standing on Ends Playing Card House

Big Bang Theory – shēng huó dà bào zhà     (生活大爆炸)

Literal meaning      Standards of the Big Bang  ( unless shēnghuó  has a meaning of theory also )

or   Living Activities of the Big Bang     (  Not too sure on this one  )

Sherlock – shén tàn xià luò kè       (神探夏洛克)

Literal meaning       Detective Sherlock

Gossip Girl – "fēi wén nǚ hái     (绯闻女孩)"

Literal meaning        Sex Scandal Girls

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Comment by Thomas Doherty on September 13, 2014 at 8:47pm

I had to log onto    and then click on blog button in top menu in order to get to this blog posting.  If you do not have a yoyochinese account you can sign up for one.  It is free to have a restricted yoyochinese account in which you can see the articles in the blog section and some of the videos.  You will also be sent emails by about new posts after you sign up.  This is a very good feature of yoyochinese,com since it allows some of us in currently money deprived categories such as retired pensioners ( that's me ), unemployed / underemployed and also  students to partially participate in this really great site.

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