Chinese Peacock Dance 中国孔雀舞 Zhōngguó kǒngquè wǔ

an artist's illustration of a peacock dance

Peacock dance is prevalent in the Dai(傣族 Dǎizú) and Jingpo (景颇族 jǐngpō) minority autonomous prefectures and it is the most famous traditional folk dance of the Dai Minority in China.

"Legend has it that more than a thousand years ago, Zhaomali Jieshu, the head of the Dai minority, learned dance through imitating the elegant gestures of the peacock"- as introduced by numerous websites.

Peacock is Dai minority's sacred bird and symbolic of happiness and auspicious. They rear peacocks at their home compounds and see the peacocks as representations of kind-hearted, intelligent, and beautiful.

let's learn some words in chinese:

peacock: (n.) [Kǒngquè] 孔雀
prevalent: (adj.) [Shèngxíng] 盛行
famous: (adj.) [Zhùmíng] 著名
traditional: (adj.) [Chuántǒng] 传统
sacred: (adj.) [Shénshèng de] 神圣的
auspicious: (adj.) [Jíxiáng, jílì] 吉祥,吉利。


Here is video of a 54 years old very famous dance artist in China, 杨丽萍 (Yánglìpíng) showcasing the Peacock dance. Enjoy! :)

if you cannot watch the video, click the link

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Comment by Gen on May 19, 2012 at 7:27pm

Thank you, Shu! I hope you enjoy reading the introduction! :)

Comment by Shu on May 19, 2012 at 11:40am
Nice introduction of peacock dance. I watched the dance before a few times, but never knew the background info of it. Thank you.

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