Chinese idiom - Putting the Finishing Touch to the Picture of a Dragon -- 画龙点睛 huà lóng diǎn jīng

In the Southern and Northern Dynasties Period (420-589), there was a painter named Zhāng Sēngyáo (张僧繇).

Once he visited a temple and painted on the wall four dragons, but gave none of them eyes. The onlookers felt that was odd, and asked why he hadn't painted the eyes.

He answered: "Eyes are crucial for dragons. with the eyes painted on, the dragons would fly away."

Nobody believed this, so Zhang Sengyao took up his brush and added eyes to two of the dragons. No sooner had he finished than the two dragons flew into the sky amid a thunderstorm.

The two without eyes stayed painted on the wall.

This idiom is used to describe how, when writing or speaking, one or two key sentences will enhance the contents.


Chinese-English translation:

add the finishing touch

make the finishing point


画:huà  draw / paint / painting / picture

龙:lóng  dragon

点:diǎn  dot

睛:jīng  eye/eyeball


Feel free to make 1 or more sentences with the idiom 画龙点睛 huà lóng diǎn jīng,or try to translate 1 or 2 sentences below.

I'd love to get feedback.


1. I'm almost done with the painting. I just need to add a finishing touch.

2. The last sentence of this essay makes the finishing point.


Have fun! :)

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Top Member
Comment by Zhang Wenzhuo on April 8, 2012 at 10:59am

Hi, Shu

There is no need to be sorry, it's ok. :)

Comment by Shu on April 8, 2012 at 3:05am

Hi Wenzhuo,

I was very tired last night when I was reading your post. I saw this sentence :  I'm almost done with the painting. I just need to add a finishing touch.

I thought you were doing the painting yourself.  Sorry about the mistake; still thank you a lot for sharing. Have a great weekend there.

Top Member
Comment by Thomas Doherty on April 7, 2012 at 8:22pm


 Huàlóngdiǎnjīng rènhé huìhuà shì yìshùjiā de yǐncáng qiānmíng.

 The finishing touch to any painting is the hidden signature of the artist.

Comment by Shu on April 7, 2012 at 11:10am

Wow Wenzhuo, the painting is marvelous. I did not know you are an artist!!!! What a great talent you got :) Thank you for sharing, it is super.

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