Chinese days of the week, months and other time expressions.

Hi everyone,

I'm gonna go over some time expressions in this post.


Now lets look at weekdays, it's pretty straight forward.

All you have to do is place a number after 'xingqi' to make the days of the week, except for sunday in which you add 'tian' or 'ri'.

Jīntiān Xīngqī jǐ? : What day is it today?


星期一 Xīngqī yī  : Monday 

星期二 Xīngqī ér : Tuesday

星期三 Xīngqī sān  : Wednesday

星期四 Xīngqī sì  : Thursday

星期五 Xīngqī wǔ : Friday

星期六 Xīngqī liù : Saturday

星期日/天 Xīngqī rì /tiān : Sunday

Simple huh?

Apparently we can also use the word 'Lǐbài,' I have looked online and lots of people say that Lǐbài is less formal, but both are fine to use. They both mean the same thing, but have different origins.

礼拜一  Lǐbài yī  : Monday
礼拜二  Lǐbài èr : Tuesday
                             etc ....

Lets have a look at months now!
Months use the same numerical system as weekdays. You simply use the numbers 1-12 and place them before 'yuè ' month.

一月 yī yuè : January
二月 ér yuè : February
三月 sān yuè : March
And so on...

Dates of the month are shown by hào or when writing, rì.

èryuè sān hào/rì : 3rd February
Shíyīyuè èr shí jiǔ hào/rì : 29th November

Years are pronounced in numerical sequence.

yī jiǔ jiǔ liù nián : 1996


Finally, some general time expressions:

Jīntiān :          Today
Míngtiān :      Tomorrow
Hòutiān  :      The day after tomorrow
Dà hòutiān :   In three days time
Zuótiān :        Yesterday
Qiántiān :       The day before yesterday
Dà qiántiān :  Three days ago
Zhèi gè yuè  :     This month
xià gè yuè  :       Next month
xià xià gè yuè :  The month after next
Shàng gè yuè :   Last month
Shàng xīngqī yī : Last Monday
Xià lǐbài wǔ  :      Next Friday
īnnián :              This year
Míngnián :          Next year
Hòunián :           The year after next
Qùnián :             Last year
Qiánnián :           The year before last
Dà qiánnián :      Three years ago
Jīnnián chūntiān :    This spring
Qunián xiàtiān :       Last summer
Míngnián qiūtiān :    Next autumn
Qiánnián dōngtiān : Winter the year before last.

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