Calling all Chinese Cartoonists! Please help out with my research!

I am an American doing my Master's Degree at University of Leeds in the UK.  I'm doing my final research paper on What Inspires Chinese Cartoonists?  Where does their inspiration come from?  If you are a Chinese cartoonist or know one, can you help me out by answering this simple survey? THANK YOU!


我是美国人,在英国利兹大学读东亚政治经济研究的硕士学位。 论文研究的是中国漫画家的灵感是什么?他们的灵感又是从哪里来的? 如果你是一个中国人漫画家请您帮我回答几个简单的问题,我将反过来帮助您让这个世界了解您的作品。谢谢你们!

--Clifford Larsen

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