and my money on my mind (part 2 of Snoop Dogg Mandarin Chinese)

This post is part 2 of Mandarin characters we can learn from Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice.  I highly suggest reading part 1 here before you read this.

Part 1 - My mind on my money


As you can clearly see from the VIP party photo in St. Tropez, Snoop can definitely make good on his Gin & Juice promises of drinking & partying, with, um "guests" who "aint leavin til six in the mornin"...


Now following where we left off in the last post, if you are up all night partying & drinking 啤酒 pí jiŭ and you still have guests, it is only polite to feed them because they will be 饿 - è - hungry.  


Does that character look familiar?  The right half is  - wǒ - I, me or my.

The left half again looks similar to a person thinking, with their head down.

If you're thinking about yourself/your body, you must be 饿 - è - hungry


In addition, you will probably be  - kĕ - thirsty and want to  - hē - drink some  - shuĭ - water.  


The left half of  kĕ again has a 3 line radical for 'water'.

The left half of  - hē is an open mouth.
The right half of both can be thought of as a hot sun overhead, which makes you thirsty, so you go inside to have a drink.  The box is a house with a little - rén - person inside.


Soooo we now have all the characters that I originally got me started thinking about this.


wŏ->qián->píng pí jiŭ->è->kĕ->hē->shuĭ


I am worried about money and having a beer. If I drink I'll get hungry and thirsty. I better drink some water.


Granted, in retrospect, this could have been a much shorter entry but, eh, what can you do.


Now - supplementary vocab!

At 'six in the mornin', you need breakfast早饭 zǎo fàn

If you liked the sun reference above, then  zǎo is the sun rising over the horizon line.  If you liked rappers, then the top is a face and the bottom is a cross necklace being worn.


There seem to be a lot of ways to say party so I'll pick one, 晚会 - wǎn huì, because  wǎn is evening and is very common word.  I have a way to remember this but honestly it's a stretch even for me so I won't try to explain.


And if you party in China, you will get more than your fair share of people who 抽烟 - chōu yān - to smoke (cigarettes).

- chōu is a hand (left) putting a stick into a mouth.

- yān reminds me of a person standing next to a hospital bed, which is where you will be if you smoke cigarettes.


All of this thanks to Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice.  Yay learning!


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