I'm really new to learning Chinese. But I firmly believe that immersing yourself in the language helps a lot! So, before going to bed every night, I watch some Chinese TV shows (I tend to pick some game shows, because the things they talk about are quite day-to-day stuff). I have been hearing a lot of dà jiā hǎo (大家好) . I realised it was a greeting, but didn't exactly know what it was .. I just knew 你好 (nǐ hǎo) and 你们好 (nǐ men hǎo). Anyway, I didn't pay much attention to the greeting either. I told myself that someday I'd get to know what it meant. 

One night, I had a very happy dream where I was sitting inside a large empty house and for some strange reason, thinking, "What could dā jiā possibly mean?" (Yes, from all the chinese shows, I registered people pronouncing it as dā jiā, and not dà jiā) . Then I thought, "Hmm .. could it be dà jiā like the big house I was sitting in .. I know that dà is big and jiā is something like a family/home ... a big family .. the whole world .. " Suddenly the French word tout le monde shot into view .. "Yes!! dà jiā must mean everyone and dà jiā hǎo must mean hello everyone!!!" 

As soon as I came to that realisation, the house I was sitting in collapsed in on me, and I woke up! It was the middle of the night. Nevertheless, I pulled out my laptop and opened up a chinese dictionary and type 'everyone' into it .. and there it was - 大家 dà jiā!

Feeling proud of myself, I closed my laptop and went back to sleep. This enlightening dream has really motivated me to continue learning! And I have now come across this website! My first blog post here ... and I'm excited to meet all of you here!  大家好 :)

Have you ever dreamed in Chinese or realized something about the language in a dream?

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Comment by Martha Roberts on August 6, 2013 at 10:41pm

哈哈哈! I have dreamt in chinese but i don´t remember anything. My mom told me once that I talked in chinese while sleeping. But I have no idea what I said... Maybe I ordered something to eat or greated people for the cinese new year...

Comment by Liu Libin on August 4, 2013 at 12:54am

I was very surprised at what you learn Chinese enthusiasm, if I had half your carefully to learn English, I think my English will be very good。
i'm chinese, as you said, '大家好' means 'Hello everyone", But why we say '大家好', not '小家好‘ or any other words , it's very complex。
‘大’: means big, In China, the 'big' means power, means a lot, means respect (right worship), for example, on the ancient, we called government officials as '大人', and now we call great strength artificial as '大力士'
'家‘:means home, Like all countries people, Chinese people believe that family is the closest person, So if we use '家‘ with other word together, means we told you: we have good relationship.
’好‘: means Good, As you see '好'='女' '子', In ancient times, Every chinese people hope have two child, one boy and one girl, So in chinese, one boy and one girl means Good, very good
So, '大家好’ contains more details then "Hello Everyone", There are Chinese culture, it means:
1、Hello Everyone
2、This is the honorific
3、we are very close

Chinese in every word, every font has a specific culture and philosophy of the Chinese way of doing things, I hope you like Chinese.
Sorry for my poor english , 555.

Comment by Josh Gibbs on July 22, 2013 at 5:37am

Haha. This is funny. For the longest time, my teachers would greet the class with 大家好 and I would not understand what it meant. Finally, after 5 years of formal Chinese classes, I noticed sign on the wall saying essentially if 大家 spoke Chinese, points would be given. After a couple months in this classroom, I put two and two together and realized 大家好 means Hello everyone!

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