A good way to practice Spoken Chinese


I’m an undergraduate student in China. I want to improve my English ability.

In the website, I discovered that many of you are recently learning Chinese. I think that the efficient way to study language must be to use it. For this reason, I want to communicate with others.

I can answer some questions with others about Chinese and hope that you will help me to improve my English ability. 

if you find some mistake in my Blog and if you have an interest to communicate with me, please give me a message or send an email to me.  My email address is guangleihe@gmail.com

      this essay I will publish two website, another website address is http://eastasiastudent.net/


A good way to practice Spoken Chinese

In our china, there are a great many people are studying English hard. Them learn how to read English, how to listen English, how to spoken and write English. Also there are quite a lot of way and material for us to better learning English.

      在我们中国,有非常多的人努力学习英语。 他们学习怎么去读英语、听英语、说英语和写英语。 因此这里有非常多的资料帮助我们更好的去学习英语。

      There was a man whose name was Li Yang. He creates a good way to practice Spoken a new language. The name of the way is called “Crazy English”.

      有一个人,他的名字叫李阳。 他创造了一个非常好的方法教我们练习说英语。这个方法的名字叫做“疯狂英语”。

      Li Yang is a star in the china. But he felt inferior, felt like a good-for nothing, failed 13 college exams and failed 3 semesters of English in a row before his sophomore year.  For the moments on, Li began studying English hard. He had spoken English up four months alone in his college and spoken English up four years on the roof of a department during his work day.


      In 1988, the 19-year-old Li Yang began his nationwide “Crazy English” lecture tour, and since then has delivered several thousand lectures in about sixty cities in China for more than 13 million people. And his lecture tour is still continuing… Up until now, Li has never left mainland China。


      The main idea of the “Crazy English” is “use the 3 extremes to train your muscle”, that is as loudly, as quickly, as clearly as I can!


It was just, as he sad that we’ve been speaking Chinese for 20 years. Our muscle is trained to speak Chinese. We have no problems to speaking Chinese. But Chinese and English are too different. When a Chinese speaks English, you can easily tell. You can’t understand because they slur words together. We have to remake our Chinese muscle, what kind of muscle do we want to have? International muscle!

      就像他所说的一样,我们说了中文二十几年。我们的口腔已经习惯了说中国,我们说中文已经完全没有任何问题了。但是中文和英语是完全不同的。 当一个中国人说英语的时候,你很容易就听出来他们中国人。 你能够明白是因为他们说英文的时候是一个单词一个单词说出来的。我们必须改变我们的中国式口腔,我们必须将他们改变成我们想要的什么?国际口腔。


      I think that this way is a good way to practice spoken Chinese too. There was a vague documentary that taken in 1999. I want to you to watch it.



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