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How to say "stand out from the crowd" using Chinese words or idioms

In this world, success could be defined in a way of "being able to stand out from the crowd, being unique and wonderful. " if you think you're a real gold, then go ahead shine brighter than others, prove yourself and let people know you can make bigger difference to the world than others.

It might sound cruel, but that seems more or less the game rule of…


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A line of Chinese wisdom - Let's take a quick meal of knowledge - plus movie recommendations :-)

A line of wisdom in Chinese is like a quick meal of knowledge that could easily fit into your busy schedule.

Let's spend about 15 minutes to sip up some wisdom soup in Chinese language into your hungry stomach. :-)


Read without…


Added by Grace on May 22, 2012 at 4:30am — 13 Comments

The key to memorize Chinese idioms - good understanding of the analogy

Chinese idioms are full of analogies. If you are struggling with memorizing them, why not slow down first and see if there's any analogy in the idiom. Just like in English and any other languages, using analogy can help people to vividly picture the concept in their mind without too much explanation.


Today I'll use an example to show you how to build the…


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